Open online account like this sitting at home – SBI

Open online account like this sitting at home – SBI

Open online account like this sitting at home- SBI

Open online account like this sitting at home: SBI : If you want to make fixed deposit (FD) from your home, then you can easily open FD account in SBI without going anywhere. Because SBI gives customers the facility to make fixed deposits sitting at home.

Fixed Deposit has always been an easy and safe option for people to invest. A fixed deposit offers a guaranteed amount on investment at a fixed rate of interest on the date of maturity. Banks and NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) offer the facility of fixed deposits.

People prefer investing in FD as there is no term risk involved in it. Returns are assured on investing in FD. You can easily renew the FD. Senior citizens get good benefits by investing in Fixed Deposits. Senior citizens get a higher rate of interest on investing in it. If you want to do FD from SBI, then you can easily open online FD account sitting at home.

you can open an account sitting at home With this given method

1) Visit the official website of SBI to open account online for FD.

2) Here you have to login to net banking by entering your username and password.

3) Then go to the option of the home page and select the Deposit Scheme option.

4) After that select the option of FD and then select e-FD.
Then select the type of account you want to open. And Click on Proceed Option.

5) Then select the account from which the money will be deducted and credited to the Fixed Deposit account.

6) After this enter the original value of FD.

7) Select this option if you are a senior citizen.
After this, choose the maturity date of the FD.

8) Now select all terms and conditions.

9) Finally click on submit button, your online FD account will be opened.

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